Mandeep Singh Lamba

A visionary young advocate, brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and legal expertise to the table. With a Master of Science in Engineering Physics and an LL.B degree, his multifaceted background empowers him to approach legal matters with a fresh perspective.

The Team

Abhimanu Jangra

A legal virtuoso blending the art of law and the essence of humanity. A graduate of B.A. LL.B from Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University, he breathes life into civil & criminal law, seeking equitable resolutions that resonate with compassion and wisdom.

Abhishek Goel

A unique legal mind with a fusion of scientific acumen and legal prowess. Armed with a B.Sc in Physics Honours and LL.B from CLC, Delhi University, he wields his expertise to navigate the complexities of law, delivering justice with a distinct edge.